The story of WHIPPEDEARTH® -

Hey! I’m Ece and I am so happy you're here! 🤗

Throughout my teenage years, I had the worst skin issues out of everyone I knew, and it followed me into adulthood. 

Having acne beyond your adolescent years is heartbreaking. 💔

As a young woman, I felt like my hypersensitive skin defined me, directly affecting my self-worth, confidence, and day-to-day life. Every day I felt defeated by the one outfit I couldn’t take off, my skin. I was trapped. Anxious. Sad. Hopeless for an entire decade.

I reacted poorly to almost every skincare product I put my hopes in and left countless dermatology appointments crying in despair at the lack of answers. I rarely wore makeup because I felt even more flaky and gross trying to cover it all up. I was too afraid to wash my face with anything except water. 


It all started when one day, out of sheer desperation, I started mixing mask concoctions in my kitchen. I had recently watched a documentary about this naturally occurring, super soft, sedimentary rock formed from the fossilised remains of diatoms called diatomaceous earth. Basically, it was ‘earth containing fossilised diatoms’, which are aquatic micro-algae with shells made of a superabundant mineral called silica.

I knew silica was really good for skin, but what really piqued my interest was that once these little diatoms have served their purpose on Earth, their shells settle in the sediment of rivers, lakes, and oceans, and the collection of these microscopic shells has incredible filtering abilities, capable of purifying anything they touch.

There was very little information on its use on skin, but I was keen to try it. I got my hands on some high-grade diatomaceous earth and crafted a mask in my kitchen.

I slathered it all over my face and let it dry. It was a clumpy mess and flaked all over my clothes and the floor. It felt like another fail, but at least my skin didn’t hate it and react to it like everything else I had tried.

The next morning was when everything changed. My skin looked less angry, and I was greeted with a clearer, brighter complexion that even my family noticed. With this promising start, I continued experimenting with different ingredients to improve its consistency. I added things like coconut oil which I soon learned is comedogenic, so I broke out more.

I knew I was onto something good, but I needed help from someone who knew what they were doing. And thus, began the professional formulation of an original product, made initially for my use and tested and loved by me before anyone else. We sourced the best ‘diatomaceous earth’ on Earth, purified it, whipped it up with other skin-loving ingredients, and after three years of tireless work with formulators, WHIPPEDEARTH® was born—a pioneering, magical, skin-clearing powerhouse, the first of its kind.

Get it? “whipped” earth…


I’m super proud of it. It quite literally changed my life. These days when I get the occasional breakout, I don’t fret even a little, knowing I've got a powerful remedy at hand.

You should totally try it, and let me know if you love it as much as I do!

Thanks for reading my story; lots of love,

Ece 🩵