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Still using single-use wipes? Here's why you need to stop.

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We've all reached out for a wet wipe or three at the end of a long day or a late night out. The mission is to return to our messy-bunned, clean-faced home state as quickly as possible, and these little squares of wet tissue do just that. Let's be real here, whether it's a baby wipe or, more specifically, a makeup cleansing towelette; wet wipes are a trouble-free method of removing your makeup. Yes, they're super useful, not to mention exceptionally convenient, but they come at a hefty cost. Not a cost to your bank account but one for our planet.

You may have noticed these white, soft, and reassuringly soothing wipes are often advertised as being enriched with and boasting skin nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera or vitamin E. They often do not mention the material used to make the wipe itself, and although it may not look like it, they're, in fact, made of plastic. 

There is no denying that we're all aware of the harms of plastic waste in the environment. Public awareness is growing, and more of us are leaning toward making Earth-conscious choices. However, there are still so many things overlooked or just excepted as a part of life. In short, plastic doesn't eventually disappear. It doesn't just go away. In fact, it just breaks down into smaller particles, called microplastics. These microplastics pollute our oceans, land, wildlife, and food.

On top of being incredibly awful for the environment, using these 'towelettes' can have long term effects on your skin. The synthetic fibres in the woven texture can cause micro-tears on your face, damaging the acid mantle, the layer on your skin that works hard to keep nasty pollutants away and moisture in. Like that's not bad enough, it can also accelerate the dreaded process of premature aging. Oh, and they're not as enriched with 'good-for-you' ingredients as they're made out to be. These wipes often contain harmful chemicals and alcohol, which can interfere with the ph balance of your skin and leave it feeling dry and irritated, to say the least. 

So, let's spread the word and stop using wet wipes to remove our makeup. We must stop being dependent on one-time use and disposable options and explore sustainable ways to get the job done. Let's work together to save our planet as well as our skin. 

Our 100% bamboo, BUFF PUFF cleansing washpad's are an incredibly gentle alternative to wipes for removing makeup, and the best part is that they're reusable. The bamboo fibres are super soft, and when they meet with warm water, they're pretty much a cloud-like hug for your tired face. They gently sweep away anything from foundation to SPF to waterproof mascara without irritating or stripping your skin. Remember, wiping away makeup alone is never enough. We love to follow up with a gentle polish using our amazing WHIPPEDEARTH® to clear out all residual pollutants like oils and dirt stuck in the skin's grooves. Throw in a water-based cleanser to round it up, a few splashes of cold water, and you will be left feeling like a soft, baby-faced goddess. The best part is you have nothing to throw in the bin. A single BUFF PUFF can replace up to 500 disposable wipes. Wash your BUFF PUFF with some gentle soap and hot water and hang it up to dry until the next time your face needs a cloud-like hug.

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